Thursday, May 19, 2011

Visiting our Family Ranch in Oregon

Last weekend, Mikayla, Adam & I went to Joseph to pick up the grass fed beef that we harvested. We have a family ranch on about 200 acres. This last year we started raising grass fed beef. This was because we wanted a healthier option for our families. These cows were only wormed (to ensure we didn't have a problem with the meat) and given no other medication. They were raised and finished on the incredible grass in Eastern Oregon.

We have started increasing our herd size and are excited to see what the next year brings for us! My dad has decided that he wants to try adding Scottish Highlander Beef to the ranch this year in addition to the Angus cross we already have. I am anxious to see how those turn out, they are very interesting looking animals and remind me of small mammoths with Texas Long Horn horns!

We had a great time there with two of my sister's girls. The kids loved being out with all the animals!

This cow would not stop following us around! She loves the kids and just wants to be with people! There was a thunderstorm later that day and this silly heifer came up to the porch and put her head under it so that she was covered! Never mind that the rest of her body was getting pelted by rain, her head was protected from it and she could not hear as much or see the lightning! Crazy cow!

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