Photo Gallery

There are times that we are able to catch some amazing photos. I have picked some of our favorites to share with you here. All of this set of photos were taken at the Oregon location. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Here a couple of JAZ Ranch's NFQHA Grullas that are feeling a little testy! Thankfully no one was hurt during this encounter, but it is interesting to watch nature in motion.

It is a lot of fun to look out and find an entire herd of deer in your pastures. It almost looks like they are lining up to get a drink at the fountain!

Sometimes they view literally takes your breath away! What a blessing it is to live in such an incredible place!

Here we are moving a bunch of the JAZ Ranch mommas and babies from one pasture to another.  It is so much fun to see this site! These horses are so calm and friendly, it is a joy to be around them.

Cold, crisp and breathtaking!

This shot was taken from the side porch. How we love to just sit and watch the weather that changes as it hits the mountains.

Again, we sit in awe at the wondrous beauty that surrounds the ranch! So often we are left just staring and contemplating life. It makes the tough days so much easier to be surrounded by such sites!

Winter wonderland!

What ranch would be complete without the faithful family dogs? Archie, a Welsh Corgi and Marley, an Australian Shepherd are always reading to put in a full day of work. When they aren't allowed to come along, there is quite a fuss! They enjoy running the fields and riding the six wheeler, come night they sleep like the dead!

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