Oregon Location

We have been blessed to purchase a ranch in Eastern Oregon in beautiful Wallowa County! My father and his business partner have owned and operated the Oregon ranch since 1995 where they raised their world known JAZ Ranch Foundation Quarter Horses. These horses are truly a rare breed with an amazing breeding program that has allowed them to create highly sought after horses.

Recently my siblings and I, along with our spouses, purchased this ranch and as a family have added all natural grass fed Angus cross and Scottish Highlander beef to the property. We are actively increasing our herds and are enjoying this new adventure into cattle. We started our first real season of raising beef in 2010 and found that we had more customers than steers!  Additionally, now that our customers have had the chance to eat some of this amazing grass fed beef, they are referring others for the next time we process. It is really excited to see so many people interested in the incredible meat that can be produced from this location!

Brent & Gail have also decided to extend their horse operations to include Lusitanos and are crossing them with their National Foundation Quarter Horses (NFQHA) to create a very desirable blood line of Azteca horses.  Below is a picture of their Poco Bueno herd grazing on the ranch in Oregon.

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