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We are a family owned and operated farm and ranch with two locations. Our Washington property produces raw honey, goats milk soap, free range eggs and fresh fruits & vegetables. Most of the posts on this blog are about the adventures we have here in Washington, as this is our primary residence. My name is Christine and my husband and I  have 4 children; a girl (13), twin boys (10) and our youngest is another boy (6). 

We are finding this simpler way of life to be a great benefit to our entire family and love the blessings that come as a result of working and playing together as a family! Our children often complain about the work required (especially when it involves moving wood!) but are becoming stronger, calmer and better workers, and I do believe the complaints are coming less frequently! Some day I believe they will thank us for providing an interesting way to develop a work ethic and learning how to be more self reliant.

We love animals and have acquired a number of them by fostering or re-homing animals for people that can no longer care for them the way they would like to. My daughter and I are frequently looking into other animals that we can add to our farm. Our latest interest is in alpacas so we can learn how to spin, and pigs (the pigs are basically because my daughter is "the baconator", she would eat it daily if allowed!)

Our second location is in Eastern Oregon where we have 200 acres and run natural, grass fed Angus cross, Scottish Highlanders and have the world known horses bred by JAZ Ranch including Foundation Quarter Horses, Lusitanos and Aztecas.  This ranch was originally owned by my father & his business partner, but due to a variety of reasons they decided to sell it. His three children (which I am the oldest) & spouses decided that we wanted to purchase the property and start raising cattle. My dad stays on the property to manage it and continue raising their horses, while we are able to use the land to raise healthier meat for our family and friends. It has truly proven to be a win-win situation for all of us, even my friends are grateful as they too have reaped the benefits!

Follow along with us as we share the joy and beauty and the bumps and bruises of a sharp learning curve, all while living this incredible life!

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