Washington Location

For years my husband and I have wanted to have a little ranch or farm. It was always just something "out there" or "some day". With the failing housing market, it has made this dream become our reality.

In March 2010 we bought this cute little 5 acre ranch in a "ruban" (not really rural, not really urban) area. It feels like we are in the country but I can get to the store in 10 minutes & I am only 30 minutes from my beloved Costco! When we moved in all we had was a little guinea pig. We quickly started adding to our new life. Within a year we have turned into an animal rescue taking in animals that people can no longer keep and now have 48 plus animals (I am not going to count the bees)! Life is crazy & I love it!

We actually had snow! This is not that common where we live. The kids really enjoyed playing in it with some of their animals. The chickens thought it was for the birds!

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