Monday, June 6, 2011

Do Goats Have Opposing Thumbs?

I have seriously begun to wonder if goats have opposing thumbs. How else do they manage to open every door on the property! Bobbie Socks has amazing lips I guess.  The truly amazing thing is that she was able to open latches that were difficult for me to open. I swear I would just put her in an area and the next thing I knew I would hear the clippity-clop of hooves on my porch and her trying to open the door to come inside!

I sat and watched her the other day as she tried to figure out the new locks I put on the inside of her stall door. She was quite diligent as she slowly played with it over and over thinking for sure that she could break the code. I think I finally have success! I am so thankful for "D" rings and you can now find them all over the property! Let's just hope that Cocoa doesn't decide to help her by holding the ring in place while Bobbie pushes the pin in & off!

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